The Narzissendorf Zloam

Miteinand Ausseerland - your newly opened holiday resort on the Zloam

The crystal-clear water, the picturesque mountain landscape, the natural element of wood, which artfully blends into the Aussee landscape in the form of carvings and decorative boards. The hospitality and cosiness, surrounded by music and laughter, which you can enjoy over a freshly caught char at the Zloam Wirt. A pleasant feeling of "having arrived" that spreads at first sight and remains until the last moment of your holiday ...

... all this and much more is the Narzissendorf Zloam, a holiday village for carefree holidays in the midst of Aussee's nature for adventurers big and small.

All about the Narzissendorf

The different parts of the village

  • Eibenwald village district with 17 Aussee houses
  • Village district Fischerwieser with 11 Ausseer houses
  • Village part Musikantenwald with 6 Ausseer houses and 4 flats each

The village square

The Sports Arena Zloam

Pferdefreunde Zloam - Horse riding center Ausseerland

Come in, make yourself at home!

Julia Pitisciuc & Fabian Ganglbauer