Sound Workshop Zloam

Music to your ears – pure joy in your heart

The Eventhall Klangwerkstatt Zloam is a focal point in the Zloam and features the Peter-Kölbl-Saal (up to 200 people), the Kreutzsaal, the Kobinger Bar and the music teaching rooms.

The nearly inexhaustible musical and cultural potential of the Ausseerland has found a home in this venue. It is a place of inspiration, from which the love of art and culture is carried out into the world.

In addition to the pleasant chirping of birds and the unhurried buzzing of the bees, you can also hear rehearsed sounds in Narzissendorf Zloam. After all, culture should not be neglected during a vacation in Aussee. Music lovers can be lured to the event hall in the heart of the village to listen to the typical Ausseer sounds against the magical backdrop of the mountains and nature.

Every person is an artist

Josef Beuys