Events in the region

Culture & Customs

Glöckln, Berigln, Ruabnfeldln - there is nothing so sacred to the Ausseers than the customs they celebrate over the course of the year. Customs here are never rural folklore, rather they have been part of daily life throughout the generations.

Along with the unique customs, music too is reflected in the spiritual life of the local people. After all, music features in every household. It is a matter of course for Ausseers to express themselves through music, singing and rhyme set to music, and it is this, along with the unique mountain and lake landscape that has magically attracted writers, actors and artists here for many years.

It may even be that at a table beside you in an inn someone will spontaneously pick up an instrument and give it their all by performing a few "’Gstanzl’". There will also be some "vorpascht" and "zuahipascht", until everyone in the room has had a go at this virtuoso style of clapping.
The best atmosphere is sure thing!

Along with the many little - and not so little - cultural and traditional events, in Ausseerland there are countless places which are steeped in history and legendary places to explore too.