Yoga & Pilates

Room to breathe

Time for stillness and mindfulness - feeling good, sensing limits, consciously slowing down.

Yoga is helping us to specifically set the necessary pauses in our creative process and to be reminded that in the colorful and often turbulent everyday (work) life, moments of reflection are essential.

At the Yoga sessions with Romana in the new panorama veranda of the Sound Workshop you can relax and recharge your batteries at the same time. An hour for your health and well-being.

Yoga is not only gymnastics, even if it may appear like that for an observer. Especially important in yoga are the mental attitude, the quieting of the thoughts and the breathing. It is concentration and, in a broader sense, meditation in motion. When you meditate and focus on one thing, your brain frequency changes to what is called the alpha state. This happens especially during the initial or final relaxation.

The more yoga you do, the more this state, also called yoga high, becomes the normal condition. At that point, nothing can get you out of your groove. :-)

With Pilates you find a new zest for life and fresh charisma. The holistic body training helps to achieve better posture, more conscious breathing and new flexibility. The balance of the muscles is re-established, and the deep muscles and the center of the body are strengthened. Through targeted dynamic exercises, entire muscle chains are trained and procure a quick sense of achievement.

Yogilates combines the positive effects of Yoga and Pilates. The respective elements are combined into a unique workout for body and soul. Yoga focuses on flexibility and inner balance. Pilates gives strength and tones the body. In this way, you simultaneously reduce stress, find peace and create a better posture.

Start consciously, relaxed and strengthened into the day

Weekly sessions for beginners & advanced

Yoga and Yogilates in the new panorama veranda of the Klangwerkstatt are a great way to relax and recharge your batteries. Romana Wasmaier joins the Narzissendorf Zloam team as a Mindful Movement, Yoga and Pilates teacher. In her exercise sessions she combines various forms of movement with conscious breathing. With her open and warm personality she succeeds in inspiring and pointing out how to achieve a new awareness of life with simple and targeted exercises. Romana responds to all wishes and problems and accompanies her students with joy and enthusiasm on their individual path.

Traditionally, the time right before sunrise is considered the best time for yoga practice.
However, for us regular people, the time after getting up is just as ideal and effective. A kick-start for an energetic and relaxed day.

Prices & Registration

Yoga & Pilates (the unit is included in the overnight price for our Narzissendorf Zloam guests).

Single unit (60 min): € 15.-
Block of 5: € 50.-
Minimum participants: 3 persons
Maximum participants: 10 persons

Kids Yoga (the unit is included in the overnight price for our Narzissendorf Zloam guests).

Single unit (45 min): € 10.-
Minimum participants: 3 persons
Maximum participants: 8 persons

Individual lessons and prices are available on request.

Registration by phone or e-mail :
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