Creative workshop

Creating naturally beautiful items

Young visitors can, under the supervision and support of our creative craft fairies Magdalena, Margit, Nora, Martin and other local artists and craftsmen, give free rein to your imagination. Be uninhibitedly creative - paint, cut, glue, tear, wrap, stamp, work, model and and and... - explore what is fun and promote their own inspiration is the motto.

Whether rural painting, painting on dirndl aprons or paper for T-shirt prints - under the professional guidance of Ulli Taferner (S'Ausseer Knopferl), individual creativity is acted out and true works of art are created.

For all lovers of nature who want to learn more about the local plant diversity in meadows and forests, Carina from "NaturGfüh" will share her experiences. At various wild and forest herb workshops as well as hikes, you will not only get to know the habitats and your tastes, scents & colors, but also get expert input and many tips & tricks from theory and practice to be able to make natural cosmetics for the whole family, step by step.


Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.

Albert Einstein